Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall and a Fall

After a nearly 5 month hiatus I thought that I'd post again.

Summer is over the Fall is here.

I am not going to try to "catch up" on my blog. I'm going to jump in right where we are.

School has already started. This is not a busy time in our home (compared to other times of the year).

Bradford has been out on his mission for 11 months.

Donovan is at BYU.

Spencer and Connor are conquering the High School and Ellery has the Middle school to himself.

Owen is in Kindergarten but it seems he never goes since it is every other day and we keep having days off. Last year he had preschool 4 mornings a week.

Patrick and Lillian hang out with Mom (and often Owen). Lillie is making good progress on getting potty trained.

That brings us to the second Fall.This an x-ray is of Donovan's right leg. He was playing pick up football on Saturday night. He made the catch, then dragged the guy who jumped on his back for a while before they collapsed in a heap and heard the pop. His foot was dislocated 90 degrees to the outside. He tore the tendon, broke the fibula and chipped the tibia. He had surgery on Sunday. He has a plate on the fibula and a screw between the tibia and the fibula. He'll be on crutches for 8 weeks.

So that is the big news of this week.