Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jungle Jim's International Market and the feast that followed

On January 2nd we went to Cincinnati to Jungle Jim's International Market.

It was a family fieldtrip and our friend Kayla went with us.

We divided up into two teams and each team had a budget and a time limit in which they had to find food items from 5 continents. Then next night we had the international feast of the theings that we chose. We invited the rest of Kayla's family to join us too.

We had eel, cheese bread, curry from two different continents, pork tail (which flavored Pasta e fagioli),
Bangers, ostrich, pita bread and latin sodas.

Over all it was quite good. Next time you'll have to cook what you buy instead of leaving it to mom and dad to figure out what to do with your choices.

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