Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All before 10 am

Ellery was home sick yesterday. Today he had an orthodontist appointment at 10:10am. Since he missed yesterday I sent him to school on the bus even though he' only be there half and hour before I had to pick him up. All fine and good. I even started the dishes and laundry before I loaded Owen, Patrick, and Lillie up and headed to school on time. Owen and Patrick love to play on the bike racks. We even had time for that. But not to do it repeatedly as Owen would have liked. As I escorted him up to the school door Patrick fell down an bumped his forehead.

I went back to Patrick and picked him up in one arm and had Lillie in her carseat in the other hand whereupon I twisted my ankle and fell, scraping my knee. Someone was coming out of the school then and asked if I was ok.. I wasn't sure of the ankle status so I said I wasn't sure. She offered to carry Lillie I said ok and by then the school secretary had come out. So we all trouped into the office where they had the nurse's aid clean up my knee and give me a band aid. They offered ice for Patrick's head, which he won't keep on, and my knee and ankle which I didn't have time for.

Ellery came and we left for the Doctor's office- me wondering if 1/2 hour of school was worth all of that.

On the way to the office I clipped someone's newspaper box with my mirror breaking it. We were still on time for our appointment.

After the orthodontist we went back and found most of the broken bit. We are still missing a piece the size of a quarter.

While the docter poked around Ellery lost a tooth. But that would have been after 10 am.

So I decided that I wasn't up to taking everyone to the grocery store. Maybe I'll go after the big boys come home. Now it's nap time.


Rappleye said...

Oh my goodness!! What an adventure! Hope your knee's okay..(someday you will look back and laugh)

Mimi Nowland said...

That is a super mom day! I hope you got that nap, you deserved it.