Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween pics

Here we have the Trick or Treaters. Ellery is Fear. His sign says, "Fear be afraid".

Patrick really liked his cowboy costume. The design made it hard to walk in though. His legs are the back legs of the horse. You have to hold up the head and front legs or you trip.

Lillie is a Scary Bat. This is at Trunk or Treat. She had a cold for Halloween and we didn't get any good pics of her that night. My friend Liz is holding Lillie. She held her almost all night which was very helpful as Fletcher wasn't there. Ellery had a different party to attend. Se we divided in order to conquer.

Aunt Lydia made this awesome Indian costume for her boys. This is Owen's second time wearing it. It looks better without the purple stripes he insisted on wearing on Halloween night.

The Purple and Black Striped shirt is his new favorite. It is one that Bradford wore. That is part of why Owen likes it. (Of course, everyone else wore it too.) We are lucky that the weather was relatively mild for both nights. Halloween was really quite warm. Still around 60 at Trick or Treat time.

For Halloween Donovan and Spencer dressed as Chipotle Burritos and got free burritos and then went to a party where I imagine they shed their emergency blanket wrappers.


Kyla said...

Your kids look so cute! Sounds like you had a busy Halloween. We don't even have a chipotle but I'd like to try it.

Mimi Nowland said...

They all look so cute in their costumes. I am glad that you had good weather.